10U – Booe wins the 2017 Back Widow Tournament in Manteca, CA

10U – Booe played in the Black Widow Tournament in Manteca Oct 14th-15th. They played three games Saturday 8 am against Sizzle (4-6 L), 9:30amMavericks (15-1 W) and  Batbusters at 12:30 pm(14-6). Sunday was an early morning with an 8 am start against Batbusters (8-1 W). In the winner’s bracket, they had to beat # 1 seed Sizzle (10-3 and 11-7) twice to win the championships.

Coach Chrissy Booe said late Sunday, “Girls took home the Championship today. I am extremely excited about how they are playing. I am most proud of how they have each other’s back. When J was struggling early in the game, Lainey stepped in and had her back. Defense was making great plays and each girl was aggressive. Every girl played for each other today. The confidence is growing and it is contagious. Keep it up Smoke. We have a long road ahead of us!”